Every Child Eats

No one should have to go hungry, especially children.  Unfortunately, even in the United States of America, thousands of children experience hunger, are malnourished, and go without healthy, nutritious, life sustaining food every day.  This is a reality that must come to an end!

At Community of Faith, we are meeting this problem head on and doing God’s work with our Every Child Eats program.  Community of Faith has partnered with local elementary schools, middle schools, junior high and high Schools to ensure that every child has access to healthy meals during weekends and over the summer when school is not in session.

Our delicious meals are prepared with fresh organic vegetables from a local farm and a lot of love.  Trust us, it’s good!  We won’t feed people anything that we would not want to eat ourselves.

For I was hungered, and ye gave me meat.  Matthew 25:35, KJV.