Our Beliefs

At Community of Faith, we believe that . . .

  1. God created the world and every living thing from nothing in six literal days and rested from his work on the seventh day.
  2. The bible is the inspired spoken word of God.
  3. The 10 commandments are binding, including the 7th day Sabbath which we set aside as a day completely devoted to God.
  4. Jesus is God in the flesh, through His death and resurrection we received salvation.
  5. Mankind is saved from sin only by grace through belief in Jesus Christ.
  6. The Holy Spirit is God working in us to do that which we can not do ourselves.
  7. The purpose of a church is to serve the community.
  8. There is a real Devil.
  9. There will be a visible return of Jesus Christ.
  10. God wants us to prosper in the place that he has planted us.
  11. Baptism by emersion; Baptism testifies to your belief in God and represents the death of the flesh and the resurrection of our new life in Christ.
  12. That communion serves as a reminder of our salvation through Christ’s death.
  13. Giving to God and being good stewards of our money is one way we worship God.